So Do you Really Know The Difference Between BB Creams And CC Creams?

June 09, 2018

BB cream vs CC cream mystery unravelled.

All so confusing.

By now, you would have heard of the BB cream, CC cream and even DD cream and beyond phenomenon that became a sensation in South Korea and quickly gained popularity worldwide after.

But do you really know what you’re using? To help you decipher the world of alphabets, we’ve put together a guide below.

BB creams

BB stands for Beauty Balm (or Blemish Balm) and is widely loved for its all-in-one properties, doing the job of moisturiser, primer, sunscreen, concealer and foundation in a versatile skincare/makeup tube. They provide some coverage, typically more than a traditional tinted moisturiser, but less than a foundation.

They are best suited for people with normal to oily skin, and light to medium skin tone. However, BB creams are not recommended for those who need heavy moisturisers or skin treatment like anti-acne formulation.

CC creams

To the uninformed, CC cream is just a continuation in the alphabets but, nope. Short for Colour Correction, CC creams are everything BB, and more. They also include colour correcting ingredients to tackle dark spots and brighten overall skin tone. These are meant to address issues such as redness and uneven, dull skin. Because of this, CC creams tend to come in many different shades as compared to BB creams and are meant to create a more uniform skin colour before applying a foundation on top.  

If you want to sound even more intelligent, there is also the lesser-known and less common DD creams (short for “Dynamic Do-All” or “Daily Defence”). This is where the difference becomes even less pronounced. In terms of texture, DD creams are lighter than CC creams but offer more SPF protection and barrier against moisture loss.  

Our advice? Know your skin needs when purchasing any skincare or makeup product and ask yourself which product would best be able to deliver on them.

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